Do You Hold Back? Blind Spot #8

From the Author of Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out & Fearless Leadership

This is the eighth of 10 blind spots that may be sabotaging your effectiveness.


Blind Spot #8—Withholding Emotional Commitment. What it Means.    

Just because you commit intellectually doesn’t mean you’re emotionally committed.

Withholding emotional commitment means that you go along with a decision but you’re not passionate about it.  Your heart and mind are not fully engaged.


The Downside of Committing with Your Head but Not Your Heart  

You know the difference between a lackluster commitment (where you go through the motions but you’re not on board) versus an “all-in” commitment (where your heart and head are completely engaged).

Your attitude shows up in your actions.

When you are merely complying, you publicly agree but you withhold your support and undermine your team and organization.  People lose confidence and write-you off.  In their eyes you’re weak, wishy-washy: You lack the strength to take an unrelenting stand and make firm “all-in” commitments.  High achievement is not in your future.


Do YOU Withhold Your Emotional Commitment?   

Ask others to assess your behavior using the scale of 1 (rarely) to 5 (frequently).

Blind Spot #8

How do you rate?

32 to 40:    You comply, withhold your enthusiasm, and your follow-through sucks. People lose confidence in you.  What’s stopping you from fully committing?

17 to 31:    You vacillate from full support to ho-hum support. People don’t know where you stand. Get clear on what you want and only agree if you are willing to go the distance.

8 to 16:       People can count on you to be all-in.  Continue to work on being crystal clear about where you stand.

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