The foundation of the Malandro High Performance Leadership Session is:

Leaders are 100% Accountable for both business results and their impact on people.

The Malandro High Performance Leadership Session is an advanced leadership program that significantly increases leadership effectiveness by producing lasting behavioral change.  This session is commonly referred to as a 3 for 1 because three Malandro experts work exclusively with one leader, executive, or high potential candidate in a private session.

The Result: High Performance Leaders That Lead By Example

Participants report that they produce significant leadership breakthroughs in the session. Participants tell us that the success of the 3 for 1 process is the result of the high level of professionalism, support, and commitment of the Malandro team.

  • The ability to take on—with a new level of confidence, energy, and commitment—problems and issues that have previously frustrated or limited the individual.
  • The commitment to lead by example through changing one’s behavior and being accountable for business results and impact on others.
  • The resolve to take action and eliminate barriers and conflict in working relationships and groups, and build committed partnerships based on trust and a commitment to mutual success.
  • The ability and determination to lead a high performance team, gain authentic alignment, and drive productivity.
  • The behavioral skills required to respond to daily challenges and quickly resolve breakdowns.

Pre-session Assessment And Customization

  • 360° Behavioral Interviews: Each participant in the 3 for 1 session is sponsored by his or her boss or mentor. The sponsor identifies direct reports, peers, and superiors to be interviewed about the participant’s leadership impact and effectiveness. These confidential interviews reveal . It is important to note that the Malandro behavioral interviews are distinct from standard 360 surveys and feedback. These confidential interviews reveal what is holding the individual back, what is needed to increase leadership effectiveness, and the impact the individual is having on others.
  • Online testing: A Malandro behavioral specialist provides the participant with online access to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Step II (personality/ leadership), and the FIRO-B Profile (working relationships/individual effectiveness).
  • Professional Analysis: The Malandro team compiles a leadership assessment based on information collected from the 360 interviews and the testing results that is covered with the participant in the session.
  • Targeted Needs and Outcomes: Prior to the session, the Malandro team will gather information on the needs and outcomes for the participant from three perspectives: 1) the sponsor, 2) the participant, and 3) the Malandro consulting team. These targeted outcomes are reviewed with the participant in the session.

3.0 Day Session

  • Examining Self-Perception vs. Actual Impact on Others: The Malandro team and participant review the needs and outcomes for the session. A copy of the leadership assessment, which includes testing analysis results and the anonymous 360 behavioral feedback, is provided to the participant. This information is used to target key areas that will be examined.
  • Defining the Gap: Together the participant and Malandro coaches examine and explore what is needed to maximize the leadership effectiveness of the participant.
  • Replacing Ineffective Behavior with High Performance Behavior: Throughout a supportive process, the participant gains a new level of understanding about what it means to be a High Performance Leader and to be 100% Accountable for both business results and one’s impact on others. Out of this new understanding and personal awareness, the participant makes productive choices about how he or she wants to impact others and be perceived as a leader.  These choices—both liberating and energizing—are translated into concrete behaviors and actions needed to clean up the past and to establish strong working relationships going forward.
  • Creating Personal Leadership Effectiveness Plan: By the end of the session, the participant has a comprehensive plan that includes 1) the breakthroughs achieved during the 3 for 1 process, 2) the behavioral change that he/she will make, 3)the results that will be produced with coworkers, direct reports, peers, and others, 4) a detailed road map about how and when the results will be achieved, and 5) criteria for how success will be measured.
  • Aligning on Personal Leadership Effectiveness Plan with Sponsor: Based on the availability of the sponsor, a conference call (or face-to-face meeting) is scheduled on the final day of the session with the participant, sponsor, and Malandro team to align on the commitment and actions of the participant.

Post-Session Follow-Up

Four hours of remote telephone coaching are provided to support the participant in successfully implementing his/her leadership development plan, addressing and resolving existing and emerging challenges, and sustaining new high performance behaviors. The Malandro coach rigorously supports the participant by holding him/her accountable for keeping commitments and delivering promised results. Additional coaching hours can be contracted.