21st Century Selling Program and Licensing

Do Your Sales People Have The Skills They Need To Close?
Unlock Your Customer’s Buying Strategy

Business Case
Each customer has a unique buying strategy.  They telegraph what they want, the order in which they want it, and their real motivation for why they want it. If your sales professionals miss these cues or fail to respond appropriately, they will lose the sale. Your top sales performers have intuitively mastered these advanced skills. But what about the other 95%?  When the method of learning is trial and error, sales people fail more than they succeed.

Creating Top Producers
You can create top producers.  Teach them what is rarely taught in sales training courses:  The psychology of what makes a customer buy.  With over three decades of research, we have isolated the unique skills that set top performers apart.  You can master these skills in 21st Century Selling.

Session Focuses On:

The session with focus on critical behavioral skills for selling success that are learned by trial and error and seldom taught in the classroom:

  • Accurately reading customer buying cues
  • Picking up on what is not being said
  • Probing and peeling the onion for the real concern/need
  • Demonstrating a clear understanding of exactly what motivates the buyer to buy
  • Knowing when to discuss your product/service and when not to
  • Mastering how to build rapport/trust with decision-makers
  • Gaining the confidence of reticent/challenging buyers
  • Build long term, trusted relationship

Delivery Options

Malandro Training:   Our consultants train your people at the location of your choice.

Licensing and Certification:  We train and license your people in a train the trainer program.  Your licensed and certified trainers will have the skills to train others in your organization.

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