What Makes Loretta a Unique and Sought-After Speaker?

loretta-malandroLoretta quickly engages your audience. She doesn’t lecture or rely on providing information. She creates a “talk-show” format where she easily talks with the group and gains their confidence and willingness to speak up. This inspires the audience to actively participate instead of passively listening.

What You Will Get With Loretta as Your Speaker:

Audience Interaction that Engages Everyone

No hiding behind a podium or using power point slides to deliver the message, Loretta walks right in to the audience. Within 30 seconds, she engages people in a meaningful dialogue for constructive change

Building 100% Accountability

Skilled at getting people to open up and examine their own behavior, Loretta goes right to the heart of the matter: the need for each person to be 100% Accountable for business results and for building and maintaining strong working partnerships.

Moving From Insight to Action

Insight or a new understanding is insufficient for change. Loretta focuses on action and gives people concrete strategies and skills—such as the 9 Communication Rules—so they can positive steps for helping the team and organization thrive.

Committing to the Success of Everyone

Audience participants learn what it means to stand for the success of everyone, not just selected others. Productive and positive partnerships are the foundation for a winning team.

More about Lorettalinkedin

Dr. Loretta Malandro is known worldwide as a top consultant and adviser for CEOs and organizations of all sizes. In addition to being a six-time author of well-known books and owner of a successful, 35-year old global consulting firm, Malandro Consulting Group, Loretta is also known as a renowned and one-of-a-kind speaker. Malandro is widely cited as the “communication doctor” and the “top communication expert” in business worldwide. She is a featured keynote speaker at major conferences and appears as a national television and radio guest frequently. She is listed in the National Speaker’s Association (NSA) Hall of Fame where only 219 honorees have received this special recognition with only five people inducted annually.