What you’ll be able to do after your 3-day Executive Development Session

There is a sequence that must be followed in order to transform an organization: leaders must go first. Leaders must take 100% accountability for business results and their impact on people, work in committed partnerships, and build an environment where everyone is passionately engaged in achieving the enterprise mission.

Lead your team & organization to a higher level of performance

3 days, and you’ll know precisely what behaviors – in yourself and in your team – are holding your organization back. And what to do to address them. You’ll have a roadmap to high performance, and, most importantly, you’ll know it will get you there. The Private Executive Development Session is a focused one-on-one session for the leader of the business group or organization. Together, we’ll explore your leadership, your organization’s unique leadership problems and behavioral barriers to success, and deconstruct them to reveal the root behavioral causes of each.

You’ll then devise a strategy for addressing those behavioral issues. This strategy will detail the precise actions and resources required for you to lead your team or organization to optimal performance, as well as the milestones and timeframe of this transformation.

Importantly, the Private Executive Development Session is not focused on skills acquisition. It’s about personal transformation. You won’t just understand your roadmap to success, you’ll believe in it and know you can do it. You’ll be able to speak powerfully about it, and prove to your team, through your own actions, that it’s effective. So they’ll quickly engage and fully align with your vision for building a high performance team and culture.

In just 3 days, you’ll go from wishing for a high performance organization, to hoping for it, to demanding it, to expecting it.

We wouldn’t go so far as to call it an epiphany, but it’s certainly eye-opening.

Executive Development 3 Day Private Session

  • Clearly articulate the business case for high performance and the results it will produce.
  • Understand the clear and concise roadmap for achieving cultural transformation in your organization.
  • Execute a precise action plan to begin the process for rapidly transforming your team and organization.
  • Clearly articulate the behavioral standards required to achieve cultural transformation.
  • Engage and influence your team, and other senior leaders to be your partners in raising the level of performance through how people work together.
  • Instill behaviors that powerfully translate your company’s values into committed and aligned action.