Assess Underlying Behavioral Issues

Surveys are woefully inadequate when it comes to accurately diagnosing behavioral issues. Survey responders rely on their “first response” which typically points to a symptom and not the real problem. The most accurate response tools are customized interviews conducted by behavioral experts who know how to go past first responses to identify the root cause of a problem.

360 Assessment

The most accurate method to determine where leadership dysfunction is undermining your business is through behavioral interviews and meeting observation of key individuals and groups. Self-assessment instruments and survey tools, although useful for identifying general themes, do not provide precise, actionable behavioral feedback. Conducted correctly, a behavioral analysis is a quick and accurate approach that precisely targets actions needed to address and resolve issues.

The Malandro 360 Assessment measures behaviors in four areas:

  1. Aligning with enterprise goals and delivering on commitments
  2. Taking personal accountability for business results and impact on people
  3. Working in partnership and committing to the success of others
  4. Taking ownership by initiating action that forwards results