Train the Trainer Certifications

Certified CultureChange™ Trainers and Master Trainers

Discover how you can earn your CultureChange™ Trainer and Master Trainer Designation

Malandro offers two levels of trainer certification:

1. Certified CultureChange™ Trainer (CCT): Requires successful completion of one boot camp certification based on one of the following books written by Dr. Malandro—Fearless Leadership or Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out.
2. Certified CultureChanage™ Master Trainer (CCMT): Requires successful completion of two boot camps—one based on book Fearless Leadership and the other based on book Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand.

A Certified CultureChange Trainer helps the organization and its employees learn, apply, and integrate world class high performance communication practices that significantly increase business results. They understand high performance values, strategies, skills, and applications and provide a level of knowledge and expertise significantly beyond most others. CCTs and CCMTs act as an organization’s cultural champions and leaders helping individuals and groups work together as high performance teams and committed partners to achieve exceptional business performance.

What are the benefits of a CultureChange Trainer Certification?

As a CCT or a CCMT, you fill the role of Facilitator and Coach inside your organization. By earning a Change Communication Master Trainer certification you:

  • Learn the foundation of the Malandro 100% Accountability™ process from the experts in leadership and cultural transformation.
  • Expand your scope for applying and teaching high performance communication practices to increase communication effectiveness.
  • Master the skills for teaching and mentoring others by: Facilitating high performance Change Communication sessions, coaching individuals and groups, and assisting others in leading productive meetings.
  • Demonstrate to employers and peers your leadership in achieving the organization’s business and cultural objectives.
  • Develop your leadership ability and visibility by staying relevant and significant with best communication practices.
  • Engage with a community of recognized cultural and leadership transformation experts who are committed to continuous improvement.

With your CCT or CCMT certificate, you will have access to other certified trainers across different organizations and industries, online and virtual coaching support, plus additional resources that are only available to Malandro certified trainers.

Requirements for CultureChange Trainer (CCT) and Master Trainer Certification (CCMT)

To earn your CCT, you must successfully complete one boot camp trainer certification session (Fearless Leadership or Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out) from Certified Malandro experts and demonstrate your progress as you facilitate sessions and mentor and coach others.

To earn your CCMT, you must successfully complete two boot camp trainer certification sessions (Fearless Leadership and Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out) from Certified Malandro experts and demonstrate your progress as you facilitate sessions and mentor and coach others.

Boot Camp Application and Preparation:

  • Complete online pre-certification form. This information form helps the Malandro team understand your background in the area of high performance communication.
  • Read either Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out or Fearless Leadership books by Dr. Loretta Malandro depending on the boot camp you are attending.

Certification Requirements for CultureChange Trainers (CCTs):

Step 1: Attend a 3.5 day CCT certification course taught by the Malandro team.

Step 2: Work with a Malandro coach. A personal Malandro coach in your certification session will be assigned to you. You will have four, 30 minute private sessions with your coach via video conferencing (such as Skype), telephone conversations, and/or electronic communication. Your personal coach will assist you in maximizing your effectiveness in facilitating sessions, coaching and mentoring others, answering any questions you may have, and resolving any challenges.

Step 3: After completing the course, you will need to pass the CCT online test. Your personal coach will assist you in preparing for and excelling on the test.

Certification Requirements for CultureChange Master Trainers (CCMT):

Complete the same process as the CCTs plus attend a second boot camp that provides you with more depth, expertise, and skill proficiency.

How do you facilitate CultureChange sessions in your organization after your receive your CCT or CCMT certificate?

In both certification programs—Fearless Leadership and Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out, you will learn how to lead a series of pre-designed flex modules that will be customized for your organization or group.

What is a flex module?

The flex modules are designed to give you maximum flexibility in how you deliver the material. They allow you to customize your delivery approach to meet the needs of various groups. For example, you can deliver one module every week, every two weeks, or once per month; combine two modules for a half-day session, combine four modules for a one day session, or deliver all modules in a two and a half day session.

What does customization include?

The modules you will be facilitating are customized for your organization. They are designed around your organization’s business objectives, commitment to high performance leadership and teamwork, and its values.

How is Malandro Intellectual Property licensed for use within your organization?

Trainer Package and Licensing: By successfully completing your boot camp session/s, you will be licensed to use Malandro intellectual property as specified in the agreement with your organization. You will receive a comprehensive trainer package which includes: Guidelines and learning objectives for leading each module, a complete trainer guide which walks you step by step through how to lead each module, how to display key material, exercises for engaging students in learning new skills, surveys and assessments, plus a number of other key instructional tools to make teaching easy.

Student Package and Licensing: Based on the needs of your organization or group, a per head licensing fee is charged for each student. This licensing fee covers use of Malandro intellectual property as specified in the agreement with your organization along with student workbooks, materials, and student certification.

Student Certification: Students who successfully complete the full set of High Performance CultureChange modules are certified as CultureChange Practitioners by the Malandro Organization. You will receive further information on how to acknowledge your students with this certificaiton during your boot camp.

How can I apply to become a CultureChange Trainer today?

Contact us and we’ll get you started.