Employee Engagement

Companies have grown to be more agile and much more dependent on the advantages regarding motivated employees. How can my company stimulate employee engagement to increase bottom-line results? Creating engaged culture is critical to long lasting success and becoming vital to organizational growth and commitment to employees.  According to Gallup Pool Report companies on the top quartile on employee engagement have:

  • 37%Less Absenteeism And Employee Turnover
  • 48%Fewer Safety Incidents
  • 41%Fewer Product Defects
  • 21%High Productivity
  • 22%Higher Profitability

Motivated employees are better performing employees. Study after study have shown that high level of employee engagement will boost revenue growth. Top admired companies continually out perform the competition in a post recession why is that? These companies put great emphasis on employee engagement. Malandro Consulting Group can help your organization put these components in place.